Children’s Books

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The Koala Brothers
Based on the Australian animated children’s television show that airs on Playhouse Disney, Jordan Book Center has decided to publish The Koala Brothers for all Arabic children and parents to enjoy. The books tell the adventures of two brothers, Frank and Buster, as they seek to help their neighbors in a sleepy town in the Australian Outback. A notable quality of the series is that although there can be differences of opinion and occasional instances of antisocial or thoughtless behaviour, there are no villains or disagreeable characters. Rather, the emphasis is on helping and being a good friend. 

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Children’s Books Series
Are you a parent? Have you been looking endlessly for a good bedtime story to tell your child? Well stop right here, you’ve landed at the right place! We sell Arabic children’s books written by none other than Susanne Ghaoui Nasser and they tell fascinating illustrated stories that recite exciting adventures of kids going to the dentist, playing basketball, visiting the Red Sea, and many more! What are you waiting for? Come to Philadelphia Book Gallery and get yourself a copy!


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