About Us

Welcome to Philadelphia Book Gallery’s blog!

Who are we? We are a bookshop based in Amman, the capital city of Jordan. In fact, back until 106 AD, our beautiful city was called Philadelphia, thus explaining our bookshop’s trademark title! PBG (acronym for Philadelphia Book Gallery) was founded about 20 years ago to cater to our population’s ever-growing thirst to learn.

What do we sell? We sell children’s books in Arabic as well as in English, international best-sellers, locally published books, historical books about our beloved country and its struggling neighbour Palestine, and many more. We also sell stationary, gifts and games for your kids to enjoy.

Where can you find us? We are based in Tla’ Al Ali, on Wasfi Al-Tal Street, right next to Total Gas Station. You can recognise us by our green logo.

How can you contact us? That’s easy! You can either:
Call us on: + 962 6 551 5861
E-mail us at: philadelphiabookgallery@outlook.com
Tweet us: @PBGbookgallery


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi There

    I sell English language books into the Middle East, some major Children’s publishing as well as Middle Eastern interest – also Lifestyle categories and much more – my colleague Chris McLaren, who is UK based (I am Asia based) and I would love to develop a dialogue with you, by email, and on visits to your office – please let us know who we should contact on a day to day basis – thank you so much – with kind regards
    Peter Couzens
    Sales East

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